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About Sally

Having been brought up using conventional medicine, I found it could be useful in many circumstances, but I needed something else to improve some health issues. With much science-based scepticism, I've used many complimentary therapies over the years and have been surprised (and very relieved) to find so many health benefits!


I became aware that I am highly sensitive to subtle energies and that I have a strong intuition, both of which are essential for energy healing practitioners. So, in 2011, I began Energy Healing training and have loved helping people and animals to heal themselves ever since with some profound results.

Added to that, in 2016, I felt dizzy, detached and spaced-out with a nasty virus and so low in energy I could hardly walk. I was offered a Life Activation treatment, which I doubted was going to have any effect, as I felt so bad. However, to my amazement within an hour or so my dizziness had gone and I felt uplifted. I went on to recover fully and very quickly. In 2017 I advanced my training to include 'Life Activations', 'Aura Balancing' and meditation. I later became a Reiki practitioner and I love working with these potent energies too.


Living near Crediton in Devon now, I am also a potter, and an environmentalist passionate about sustainability and wellbeing in buildings, especially using low impact healthy, natural materials. Of course, this too is about balancing energy for improving the wellbeing of our planet and all who live on her! 

Sally Mareike healing practitioner

Qualifications and Memberships

Insured with Baylens

Member of the International Network for Energy Healing


Healing Practitioner Training:

Foundation Intuity training - with Keith Hodge

Reiki 1 & 2 - with Zoe Robertson

Life Activation, Aura Healing & Meditation - with The Modern Mystery School

Energy Healing - with Dinah Lawson (INEH)

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