About Sally

I was brought up using conventional medicine, but gradually found that while it could be very useful in many circumstances, I needed something else to improve various health issues. So, with much science-based scepticism, I tried many alternative and complimentary therapies over the years and have been pleasantly surprised (and very relieved) to realise so many benefits to my physical, mental and emotional health!


During this time, I also became aware that I am highly sensitive to subtle or ‘spiritual' energies (without religious connotations) and that I have a well-developed intuition, both of which are essential traits for energy healing practitioners. So, in 2011, I began my training and soon recognised that I, too, could help others to heal themselves using subtle energy healing techniques.


It's been wonderful hearing the changes that my Subtle Energy Healing sessions have brought to clients since 2014, but I’m also lucky enough to be able to give myself regular Subtle Energy treatments too. These have substantially eased or got rid of the migraines, nausea and bad headaches that I’ve been getting during my menopause and as a result of a food intolerance. It’s unbelievable how the migraines almost ‘click’ off in my head during the session. I don’t know how it works, and my scientific brain wants to know and find proof. However, I have to accept that it’s going to stay a mystery until scientists can develop better testing tools to sense these subtle energies!

In 2016, I had been feeling really detached and spaced-out with a nasty virus. I felt dizziness, and low in energy to the point that I  could hardly walk. I was offered a Life Activation treatment, which I doubted was going to have any effect, as I felt so bad. However, to my amazement within an hour or so my dizziness had gone and I felt uplifted. I went on to recover fully and very quickly.

This interested me, so in 2017 I advanced my training to include 'Life Activations', 'Aura Balancing' and simple meditation techniques.  I'm always delighted, and frequently amazed, when clients tell me about both subtle and profound effects this unconventional treatment has on their lives!

My healing work is part time, as I am also a potter, an environmentalist, campaigning to increase sustainability in the built environment, using low-carbon, low-energy, healthy, natural materials. Of course, this too is about balancing energy for improving health - that of our planet and all who live on her! 

Qualifications and Memberships

I am a fully qualified member of the International Network for Energy Healing (INEH), having studied the Subtle Energy Healing course from 2011-2015 with Dinah Lawson at the Hayloft, Emsworth.

I have also attended a meditation course with Dinah Lawson.

In 2017 I became a certified practitioner of Life Activation, Aura Healing and

Max Meditation with the Modern Mystery School, London.

Training workshops and healing therapist meetings are attended regularly

to ensure my continued professional development.

My practice is insured through the INEH.

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