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About Sally

My magical journey with energy healing started in 2011 when I found I was super sensitive to subtle energies. I qualified in (Esoteric) Energy Healing and stepped onto my path as an intuitive healing practitioner. 

I later added Modern Mystery School and Reiki trainings and became an Intuity healing practitioner. In combination, these different practices create a very powerful dynamic process, working through the heart and using intuition. Depending on the person, treatments may include emotional root healing, Reiki, energy and psychic healing, as well as shadow clearance work, all of which have had profound results for me personally, as well as for my clients.

I love working with all these potent practices and hearing from clients about the transformational changes the treatments have brought them.


I am now working on this collaboratively, with an international team of other heart-based practitioners, organising beautiful retreats and creative healing workshops, to help more people to heal through their hearts and reveal their true selves and purposes in their lives.


I am also crazy about clay, a very healing material from mother earth, so I'm also a potter and an environmentalist, passionate about earth as a building material. I make spiritual items like incense burners, cacao cups and candle holders, which you can find in my Etsy shop (click on the link below) and I also run wonderful creative healing workshops with clay. Please email me if you're interested.

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