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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to believe in or follow any particular spiritual or religious path to benefit from this spiritual healing work?


No you don’t have to belong to any religion or belief system as these healing techniques are totally inclusive. They are suitable for absolutely anyone, no matter what his or her religious beliefs are, if any. So far, my clients include Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists as well as people who have an interest in spiritual phenomena



  • Will I be safe to drive home or go to work afterwards?


Yes, by the time you leave you should feel calm, grounded and focused to enjoy the rest of your day. Should you need it, after the session, there is seating outside the room that you can use to sit quietly and gather your thoughts, so you won't need to feel rushed.


  • Is this a hands-on healing and will the healer touch me?


No, this is 'hand's-off' healing as there is a only a very small amount of touching involved in some of the healing techniques. For example, during Subtle Energy Healing the healer’s hands will touch your shoulders briefly at the beginning and end of the session only. For Life Activation, the healer will gently touch your head and shoulders during some parts of the session. Aura balancing doesn’t involve any touching.



  • Will I need to wear any particular clothes?


Wear something you will be comfortable in when seated. You will remain fully clothed throughout for all these types of healing sessions. For Life Activations please avoid wearing hoodies or scarves as I need to see the back of your neck.


  • What if my mother can’t stand up when you need her to, due to her disability?


It’s all right; I will be able to work around her while she is seated. I will make sure that she is always comfortable, and if there are any signs of discomfort we will pause to change things so that she is not suffering in any way. This is the same for all clients should they be in pain or unable to stand for any length of time.


  • Will I feel anything during the healing session?


Some people don’t feel anything, except for relaxation or calmness. Other people may see beautiful colours or textures, feel sensations in their body, and some have vivid thoughts and ideas moving through their minds. There is no way of knowing if you’ll feel anything, but it could be exciting to find out what comes up for you!


  • Is there any point in having healing if I don’t have anything physically wrong with me?

Yes, healing may help to maintain and strengthen your immune system, so preventing illness, but it also aims to keep your emotional and mental levels stable and strong too, so bringing overall balance for a more smooth flowing life. Some clients have monthly top-ups even if they're not feeling too bad and they usually notice an improvement in one way or another, which is lovely to hear.

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