Subtle Energy Healing

What is Subtle Energy Healing?


This mode of Energy Healing is based on the teachings of the Alice Bailey, with the understanding that all living beings are made of energy, which permeates and surrounds all bodies as a dynamic energy field. Within this complex field, energies flow to converge at seven major points called ‘centres’ or ‘chakras’. Each centre vitalises an endocrine gland, a nerve centre and relevant internal organs, which support systems, such as digestion, respiration and the nervous and immune systems. There are also many minor centres in the system, which have specific functions in our physical, mental and emotional states.

When the flow of our energy field is in balance, we feel great physically, mentally and emotionally, enabling us to feel more ‘whole’ and live longer, happier lives. However, when our flow of energy has become blocked or disturbed in some way, this can create negative symptoms often leading to illness and dis-ease either physically, mentally or emotionally.


INEH trained Energy Healing practitioners have highly developed intuition and using their sensitive hands they are able to sense and rebalance energy flow, appropriate to an individual’s particular needs.  The intention is to enable your life force energy to flow more freely, which will help you with your own healing processes. We always ask that the healing energy be given according to the will of the client’s ‘higher self’ or soul, so there is never any forcing of energy to ‘make someone get better’.

What happens during Subtle Energy Healing?


We have a brief chat first to give some basic information about your needs. Next, you will sit comfortably, in quietness. It's lovely to close your eyes if you’d like to take advantage of this special ‘me’ time.


Subtle energy will naturally flow through your practitioner‘s hands so they can sense disturbances in your energy field, then they’ll re-balance your energy flow, according to your current needs. The healing will last around 30 minutes, then there is time to discuss what the practitioner discovered, what you experienced and to make further healing plans if needed. The total session is 45 minutes.


This treatment can be just as effective in person or ‘remotely’, where the practitioner is in a different place to the client. For a Remote Healing, the discussions before and after the healing will be on the phone and your healing time will be spent sitting quietly.