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It's wonderful to hear the many positive changes that people tell me about after their healing sessions. I love supporting people as they work to improve their health and well-being and it's exciting to watch the changes unfolding, however subtle or profound! Here is some feedback from clients.

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Maria (Devon) Emotional root healing & energy healing

I'm so grateful for Sally's dedication to my healing and am still processing the fact that her skills and support enabled me to go deeper than ever, to heal and clear some very nasty traumas. Some of them I didn't know I had and others I'd been trying to shift with my psychotherapist and other alternative therapists, to no avail. My whole being feels lighter and freer to follow a different path, without being stuck and not knowing why. It wasn't always easy to go through, but Sally held me safely all the way and now my whole life is easier, so the challenges were well worth it!  


Frances (Melbourne, Australia) Emotional root healing & energy healing

Great remote session with Sally, it lifted so much heaviness out of my body and soul. I felt so much lighter and brighter, I could feel the energy working through my body, where I had pain and felt it release, it was very powerful.  I totally recommend this work and Sally as a healer and facilitator.  Even after the treatment I felt amazing, the blockages in my body were released and I had a lot more energy.  I felt a shift within me. Thank you, so much beautiful soul….


Christine  (Hampshire) Energy healing & negative energy removal

Following my healing treatment with Sally my energy was transformed. I know this may sound dramatic, but it is true. I left feeling so much better and this feeling of balance has been sustained. I am very grateful for Sally's professional approach and obvious skill. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact I already have.



Rachel (Hampshire) Energy healing

Wow! Sally is amazing! Her remote healing was astounding and worked wonders on an injury I had sustained. Her subtle energy healing left me feeling completely realigned and energised and gave me a deep sense of inner calm. 


Sally has great intuition and is able to get to the root of the problem without even being told. She has a wonderfully caring and compassionate way of dealing with clients, which is greatly appreciated. What a fantastic person! Thank you so much Sally!  Xx

Jean (Norfolk) Energy healing

I sometimes find it difficult to sit and do nothing, but with Sally's encouragement I enjoy and benefit from the relaxing healing sessions. She has a kind and thoughtful approach and the discussions before and after the sessions are useful for deciding on any further healing work. It's fascinating how Sally can discover my areas of discomfort or possible health problems through my energy fields, often before I’ve told her about them.  


Ben (Spain) Energy healing & Life Activation & Emotional Root Healing

I've been working on forgiving and dissolving my old issues and hurts, which have held me back in the past and I wanted to help improve my focus at work and for day to day activities. Sally has been committed to helping me achieve my intentions through regular healing sessions over the years, and a recent ‘Life Activation’, all of which have supported my needs well. 


Having trusted in myself, and this gentle healing process, I have found that new perspectives have opened up to me and I have great energy boosts, which have changed me positively. I am happier, more successful at work, more stable, less self-damaging and feel I’ve made huge progress! 


Chris (Wales) Life Activation

Sally offered  a Life Activation at a time of great personal spiritual uncertainty and need. I was very aware of being skeptical but open to try anything. I experienced a subtle and profound cumulative shift over the following weeks that generated inner strength and peace. Since then my menstrual cycle has returned, after a 3 year pause, and my confidence and peace have prevailed and anxiety reduced. I am very grateful to Sally for the connectedness she emanates and balance she brings to her life and work; I am positively effected by it. Thank you. 


Tess (Hampshire) Life Activation
After the initial detox making me feel lousy I felt great by the next morning. I think it turned my life from "help I'm drowning in all the stuff I have to do... I can't keep up" to "Yes, I'm in control!" And this has continued to be so. So it was a shift from battling myself to working WITH myself thru all life's challenges and opportunities. How good is that?!!! And yes... defo putting me back in touch with my higher self... great result, thank you indeed... perfect for what I need now in preparation of being in the purest and fittest state for the work in Tibet. 


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