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Creative meditative pottery workshops

Cacao cup workshop
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A healing journey with clay

Did you know that clay has natural healing properties? Clay absorbs toxins from the skin, so helping to chemically detoxify us. Also, when we shape clay, moving our bodies, it can actually help us release and heal the energy of emotional traumas that have been trapped in our bodies! 


Being a potter and knowing that I always experience calmness, healing and rebalance in my own life, through creating with clay, I would love to offer you the opportunity to experience this in my workshops.


Combining my healing and pottery work, our sacred workshop space will be filled with healing energies, so that as you create your pottery, you can also enjoy a gentle energy healing, to add to the beneficial qualities provided by the clay and creativity. We'll also have lovely relaxing, earthy meditations to start and finish the session. 

These creative meditative pottery workshops can provide a truly transformational process on so many levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I invite you to be curious and join me to experience one (or more!) for yourself.

Here are my fully guided offerings: 

2 hours £70 per person (Group size 6-8)


I will guide you to transform raw clay into a stunning vessel or form, which is a beautiful and exciting sensory process, with a lovely sense of achievement at the end of it. I will dry, glaze and fire your lovely sacred pot, having it ready for collection or posting, a few weeks later.

We will make either a ceremonial cacao cup, a candle holder, an incense holder, an altar tray, or a smudge stick vessel.

Sacred Vessel Workshop

1 hour £30 per person (Group size 6-10)

Starting with a rough ball of dried earth, with mindful focus, we paint many layers of colourful clay slips onto the sphere, polishing each coat as we go. In time, a sense of curious expectation turns to amazement, as the rough sphere transforms into a stunning and very shiny Japanese dorodango, which translates as a 'mud dumpling', which clearly it's not at the end of the process!

Dorodango Workshop

Booking workshops​

If you, a group of your friends or family, would like to enjoy a healing pottery or dorodango workshop at my studio in Bow, Mid Devon, in a venue near your home, or even at your favourite retreat, then please do get in touch. Click the button below, or call or email me, so we can arrange a perfect event for you!

Dorodango workshop
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