Aura Balancing

What is an Aura Balancing?


This healing process aims to cleanse, balance and repair any damage to the aura, which is the field of energy surrounding our body.  Sometimes gaps may appear in the field, which could be caused by things such as high stress levels, taking drugs or alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, surgery and negative energy from other sources.

These holes may affect the state of well being of a person, so an Aura Balancing might create a feeling of relaxation, higher energy levels, a sense of clarity, general well being as well as boosting the immune system.

What happens during an Aura Balancing?


You will sit comfortably, in quietness, closing your eyes if you wish.


Your practitioner will work at a distance around you, using their hands to sense disturbances in your aura. Next they’ll use subtle energies that flow through their hands to re-balance your aura field according to your current needs. The healing session lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, then there is time to discuss what the practitioner discovered, what you experienced and to make further healing plans if needed. All treatments are completely confidential.