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Life Activation

What is a Life Activation?


Life Activation is a spiritual energy balancing treatment carried out by certified practitioners in ancient Mystery School traditions. The intention is to bring balance to the subtle energies and magnetic flows surrounding the body, and then to ‘energetically’ or ‘spiritually’ activate the DNA. Our DNA contains the blueprint for who we are and defines our uniqueness. It is thought, through Modern Mystery School teachings, that 22 out of the 24 human DNA strands, on an energetic level are usually dormant and once activated may improve our flow of life.

There are believed to be many benefits from this treatment, both subtle and profound, some of which are outlined here:


A Life Activation could assist you to:

  • release unconscious old patterns that are holding you back

  • realise your hidden potential and envisage new pathways

  • find greater clarity, inspiration and control in your life

  • increase your energy levels and balance your immune system

  • reconnect with your true self and increase your self confidence

  • become empowered to act and make changes that are right for you


It could also help you:

  • improve your focus, concentration and brain functioning

  • remove anxiety and stress and find calm stability

  • improve all relationships through the subtle changes in you

  • transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • discover your life purpose and really shine!



What does a Life Activation involve?


We'll be in a private, relaxing treatment room. Sometimes you’ll sit and at other times you’ll stand, but there is flexibility to ensure you are comfortable at all times. Mostly I’ll be moving silently around you, working at a distance from your body and occasionally I may lightly touch your head, shoulders and hands.


Towards the end of the hour, I might say some words or describe images that may come to me during this part of the treatment. This ‘spiritual reading’ may be helpful to you immediately, or perhaps in time.


All treatments are completely confidential and last one hour and 15 minutes.


You will be given two bottles of spiritually activated water remedy before you go, which may assist you to assimilate the positive changes that could have already started within you. It is recommended to take 7 drops daily of each until they're finished.

Ancient chakra painting
Part of the Life Activation is hands-off energy healing
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